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What is the difference between an Off-Road Car and a Sand Car?

An off-road car will be facing rough terrain such as dirt and rock, therefore needs to be built with bigger and stronger components that can take more abuse. This is why our off-road MX2 utilizes 2 inch spindles, 1.5 inch uniballs on the lower arm which is made of 4130 chromoly plate and a Howe power steering rack and FOX 2.5 triple bypass front shocks and 3.0 triple bypass shocks in the rear. The perfect combination for a perfect pre-runner! We use only top performance proven products. These bigger and stronger components also increase the weight of the vehicle. 

Although this is great for the dirt, a heavy car in the sand would plow through the sand instead of floating over it. So our Sand Cars utilize components that are built strong enough yet light enough for the sand.